A Tribute to Leland, Mississippi

By Judy Lynn Dronet
Leland High School Class of 1964
April, 2010
Murals on the Wall depict scenes from the Past
Memories of our Childhood there will forever last.
Leland, Mississippi, you were a Home to me
On the banks of Deer Creek the Delta set us free.
Although our homes and jobs are now in other places,
Class Reunions bring us back to familiar faces.
Lasting Friendships we have made through the many years
Bring back memories of yesterday – the laughter and the tears.
Small towns all across this land are unknown by their name.
Many of those same towns have a claim to fame.
Kermit the Frog was born in Leland, Mississippi where the Muppets came alive.
Jim Henson named him for a friend about the age of five.
Daddy passed away last Spring and Mama stays at home.
Many of the old friends we had back then are gone.
As I drove by my old neighborhood so many homes are sold.
Oh the stories those walls could tell our kids before they grow too old.
We remember the Christmas lights creating scenes on Deer Creek
And the Pep Rallies after school at the end of the week.
But the moment in time that remains on my mind was at Graduation,
When the Junior Class carried the Chain of Magnolias, a Leland High School Tradition.
Our lucky stars bring us to a birthplace we cannot choose.
A museum there honors music of Highway 61 Blues
Sit back and listen to a southern drawl
Come back home to Leland y’all, where Love awaits us all.