2015 Reunion Photo Uploading Instructions

Actually, we do not have the facility on this site to "upload" photos, so what we need you to do is to send them to Brad Ward, the www.lhsreunion.org webmaster, and he will make sure the photos get added to the site.

The easiest way to get the photos to Brad is to email them to him by clicking here. Email will work as long as you watch and do not send any more than say 10 megabytes of photos in any single email.

If you have more than 10 megabytes of photos to send in and you do not want to break them into separate emails, you may want to send them in using one of the free Internet services that allow you to transfer larger files. www.sendthisfile.com and www.wetransfer.com are two such sites that offer this free service, and there are probably many others. Membership on file transfer sites like this is generally free up to some maximum transfer size.

To get your pictures into a single file, you will need to create what is called a "compressed folder", more commonly known as a "zip" file. If you have WinZip installed on your computer, then you can use that. But most folks will not have WinZip, so here is how you create a zip file on a Windows computer:

  1. Create a folder on your desktop (for example, ReunionPictures).
  2. Copy the original files you unloaded from your camera into this folder.
  3. Right click on this folder (on your desktop) and when the little pop-up menu appears, choose "Send to" and then choose "Compressed (zipped) Folder".
Windows will create the compressed folder, and it will appear on your desktop as a folder icon, but with a special folder icon. The name of this compressed folder will be the same name as your original folder plus ".zip". So in this example, the compressed folder will be named ReunionPhotos.zip.  This "compressed folder" is actually a single "zip" file. Email that zip file to me. If that .zip file is too large, send the file to me using one of the services mentioned above.

If all of the above fails, or if you just have a large number of photos and do not want to even try sending it via the Internet as it would take too long, you can send in your photos by burning a CD or DVD and mailing it to Brad. Brad's mailing address is 635 Montauk Way, Alpharetta, GA 30022.

If you need any help with any of this, as always you can email Brad.

Other Important Notes

  • In order to help to better organize the pictures, please take a few moments and organize your pictures into the following groups:
    • General Reunion Pictures (i.e. those from Friday or Saturday night)
    • Parade/Pep-Rally pictures from Saturday morning.
    • Class luncheon pictures (please specify which class)
    • Other pictures of general interest to all (e.g. pictures of Leland, pictures of the Delta, etc.
  • When you send in pictures, please include your name and your graduating class.
  • We can only accept pictures in the standard jpg format. This is the format all point and shoot digital cameras use to store the picture. The higher end digital SLR cameras off REALLY high resolution picture files such as TIFF and even RAW files. Those type files are VERY large and cannot be viewed via the normal web browser.
  • If you want to send in comments on either a group of your pictures or even individual pictures, please include those comments when you send in your pictures, or in an email immediately aftewards. If your comments are about a group of pictures as discussed above, be sure and clearly indicate what group the comments go with. If your comments are about an individual picture, please specify the file name of the picture the comment goes with (e.g. DSC_5001.jpg).
  • The picture files will be renamed as a part of the process of posting them to the website. Because of this renaming, it will not be possible to associate comments to pictures using the old file name once the pictures have been published. So if you want to sent in comments after you have submitted your pictures, please wait until your pictures have been posted and then send in the comments using the new picture file name or the web address of the page that picture is displayed on.
  • Your pictures will NOT appear on the site as soon as you send them in. They will only appear after our webmaster, Brad Ward, has had the time to copy them into the proper location on the website and then publish them out to the website for all to view. Since Brad also has to work for a living, there may be a day or two delay. But Brad has promised to do his best to get the pictures and comments published ASAP!

Got questions? Email Brad!