Why You Should Send Your Reunion Photos To www.lhsreunion.org

Please note that while many of you will post your pictures on Facebook or on photo hosting sites like snapfish.com, etc., it is VERY important that you also send them in to www.lhsreunion.org so that we can post them on this website! Here are the reasons why:

  1. If you post them on Facebook, the only people that will be able to view the pictures are most likely your Facebook friends. Even if you make your pictures viewable by all on Facebook, the only people that will know about them are the ones that somehow find out about your posting and know the web address.
  2. If you post them on other photo websites like snapfish.com, once again, the only people that will be able to view them will be people that you tell about your personal picture photo website.
  3. The wonderful thing about digital pictures is that if someone sends you the full resolution original picture jpg file, then both of you will have perfect original copies of the picture! Almost all photo websites and especially Facebook do NOT let people download the full resolution (original) pictures. But since we have virtually unlimited disc space on www.lhsreunion.org at no cost to anyone, we can and will make the full resolution pictures available for all, that way anyone that wants a picture can get the real deal and not a shrunken, low resolution copy!

So please be sure and read these instructions on how to send the pictures in for posting on this website.